Gina | Fiddle Leaf Fig | Ficus Lyrata

One of the favourite plants of interior designers, perfect for a sunny living room or bathroom, she will grow into a real showstopper of a plant if you let her!

Gina Loves

☼ Sunlight: A bright spot, she doesn’t mind direct sunlight but not all day, scorching sun.
☂ Water: Let her dry out between waterings, careful not to overwater
♡ Care: Medium 
◯ Pot Size: 18cm+


She will arrive in a plastic growing pot, or you can add on a perfectly fitting pot to go with her – I recommend a 18+cm pot


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Care Advice

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant | Ficus Lyrata

Native to Africa, Fiddle Leaf Fig houseplants are incredibly popular.   They’re not a houseplant you can plonk anywhere though, they need a good amount of light and humidity to stay happy – a few hours of direct sun should do it – but not all day full strength summer sun as that will burn her lovely leavess.  It may take a few locations to find the perfect spot.  Don’t worry, I’ll include a printed care card with all the advice on it!

The plants I currently have in stock are around 50cm tall, give or take.

Fiddle Leaf Figs do like a good drink every now and again but let them dry out first.  If the leaves start to get brown and yellow in the centre (from the central veins) that’s a classic sign of overwatering.  Holes and crispy edges means that she needs a drink! When stressed she may drop a few leaves, which is normal.  Keep an eye on her in case you need to move her to more light or water more/less depending on the signs.  These plants love a good misting with a spray bottle full of water, leaves can get dusty and benefit from a wipe with a clean cloth to ensure she’s getting all the light she needs (and looks fabulous!)  

All of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman. This time, it’s Gina Martin, the powerful force who helped make up-skirting illegal and is a feminist activist on many platforms, give her a follow @ginamartin on Insta!

Fiddle Leaf Figs can cause stomach irritation if ingested so keep out of reach of any fluffy friends who might want to nibble.      

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As a small business, customer satisfaction is the most important thing to me.  As carefully as I pack your order, there is a small chance your items could be damaged during transit.

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Bought a “phoebe” plant as I can’t seem to keep houseplants alive! Delivery was amazing (plant still seemed happy!) and I even had a little freebie which I also love. Phoebe has settled in nicely in her new pot (also from Iris & Co, beautiful). Couldn’t ask for more and would definitely recommend!

5* Stacy W

Bought a beautiful pinstripe calathea that arrived super quickly and in great condition. There was also a hand written note and a care guide which was a very nice personal touch.

5* Sarah Smith

I ordered a beautiful plant and pot. They arrived quickly and safely, they were well packaged. I absolutely love them, they look just as good as the photos on the website, I’m really pleased, thank you!

5* Claire H

Lovely plant! Super speedy delivery! My plant has settled in well. She is keeping me company as I work, and makes me a little happier when doing admin!

5* Holly M

Fast delivery. Detailed care card for the plant. Handwritten note was a real treat

5* Belen

I ordered a house plant and pot from Gemma and am really pleased with it so far.  The website pot recommendation was really helpful and also the plant care tips that were emailed to me separately. Gemma delivered the plants herself and the presentation was beautiful. Would really recommend for any gifts (to other or self!).

5* Amelia S

I ordered a houseplant from Iris & Co in the last few weeks and was very happy to receive a healthy, beautiful plant within a week of ordering. Gemma was quick to respond and very helpful. I love the info cards included with purchase that include helpful tips on how to care for each plant! Will definitely order again.

5* Tori Grigg

Beautiful plants and excellent customer service

5* Kanye