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Welcome to the shop!  I regularly update my selection of house plants with a hand picked edit of the season’s best plants. 

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 Daisy | Monstera Deliciosa | Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera Deliciosa | Swiss Cheese Plant

Monstera plants make a fantastic gift and are easy to care for.  This plant loves a bit of bright sunshine but not too much direct sunlight – think of their natural home, some light coming though the treetop canopy but mostly pretty shaded by the treetops.  Mine loves life with a bit of early morning sun and a shadier afternoon.     

 Monsteras grow aerial roots to help them draw nutrients as they grow so it’s good to give her something to grab onto like a moss pole.   

Take care not to overwater and check that the soil has dried out before watering. Her leaves will usually droop a little when she’s thirsty so you’ll know when she needs a drink.   

 As with all our houseplants, Daisy is named after an inspiring woman. This time, it’s writer and comedian Daisy-May Cooper.  I first found her in BBC3 comedy This Country (a must-watch) and her brutally honest and hilarious instagram has been making me laugh for the last few months!             

 Monsteras aren’t great for cats as they can cause irritation if eaten so you’ll need to keep it out of the way of your fluffy feline!   


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Pastel 90s Dream | Plant Pot | 12cm

This one’s a 12cm diameter pot with an overall height of 13cm – recommend choosing decorative pots a couple of cm larger than the plastic growing pot.            

Wash with warm soapy water when required.   


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Sarah May | Fittonia Nerve Plant | Hypoestes

Fittonia | Nerve Plant | Hypoestes

Native to the jungles of Peru, Sarah May loves humidity and moisture so I recommend keeping her soil fairly damp – the best way to do this is by regular misting.  Keep her somewhere nice and warm but not with direct sunlight as that can burn her leaves.       

She’s a trailing houseplant meaning she won’t get particularly tall but may spread out up to around 12 inches (don’t worry, she’s unlikely to take over the bookcase within a few months). It’s easy to take cuttings from her and propagate so get ready for some plant babies!     

ll of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman.  This time, it’s Sarah May Fitton, along with her sister Elizabeth discovered this beautiful plant as they smashed the male dominated world of botanical writing in the 1800’s – which I think is pretty bloody good.        

 Good news!  Fittonias are widely considered to be non-toxic to pets.  Try to keep out of reach though, in case your fluffy friend takes a liking to her.