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Welcome to the shop!  I regularly update my selection of house plants with a hand picked edit of the season’s best plants. 

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Emmeline | Devil’s Ivy | Pothos Njoy

Native to the Soloman Islands Pothos (or Devil’s Ivy) is used to climbing trees and snaking across the moss covered floor. Luckily for you, she also loves life as a houseplant and will quickly transform to a gorgeous draping vine, almost anywhere.   The Njoy type of pathos has the most beautiful white patterns all over her leaves – each one a little different, like a fingerprint.

Emmeline Loves

☼ Sunlight: a bright spot without direct sunlight ☂ Water: regular watering, but can take some neglect  ♡ Care: easy ◯ Pot Size: fits 13-15cm


She will arrive in a plastic growing pot, or you can add on a perfectly fitting pot to go with her – I recommend a 13-15cm 

£15.00 £10.50

Amika | Watermelon Peperomia | Argyreia

Watermelon Peperomia | Argyreia

Native to South America, Amika likes it relatively warm, with some sunlight but not prolonged direct sun as it can burn her beautiful leaves.   It’s important to balance under/over watering with your peperomia, let the top part of her soil dry out before watering again but be sure she’s not sat in water or with soggy roots.     

Peperomias actually quite like being pot bound so don’t worry too much about repotting, too early.    

Good news!  Peperomias are widely considered to be non-toxic to pets.  Try to keep out of reach though, in case your fluffy friend takes a liking to her.

All of the houseplants in my shop are named after an inspiring woman. This time, it’s Amika George, a period poverty campaigner who started the #FreePeriods movement online at the age of 13 – truly inspirational.

 *Due to their delicate nature, you may find some bruised/brown or broken off leaves when your plant arrives, that’s totally normal and just part of shipping this particular plant.  Feel free to remove those if you want, there will be plenty of baby leaves on the way to fill the gaps! I promise you they’re worth it!*    

£20.00 £14.00


Grey Pot with Legs | Patterned Plant Pot | 14cm

Grey Plant Pot with Wooden Legs | Grey and White Patterned Plant Pot

Gorgeous plant pot, with wooden legs in a grey and white colour with 3 different pattern choices.  You can either choose from the triangular pattern (first one in pic), oval pattern (middle one in pic) or diamond pattern (you guessed it, third one in pic), or you can choose the ‘surprise’ option and I’ll choose one for you!

The diameter of the pots is 14cm so great for those plants 12cm and smaller, they’re 22cm in height overall.  I recommend going a couple of cm larger than the plastic growing pot.